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My preferred bagels are plain or everything. Some may say that is nonsensical but dichotomies make me, me.


Two of the things I pride myself on are my relentless work ethic and my dedication to leisure. 


Home to me is the unforgiving heat, cracked earth and rhythmic cicadas of a Texas summer, as much as it is bundling up in my down coat to trudge through snow to my bus stop on Broad Street in Philadelphia.


My own dichotomies are also what fascinate me about other people. Because we’re all so complex, it is downright thrilling to write in a way that permeates those complexities and evokes emotion and behavior in people.


Since graduating from Temple University in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising with a concentration in (and passion for) Copywriting, I’ve worked in brand strategy. 


I have experience writing everything from taglines for prescription discount cards to elevator pitches for whiskey distilleries to blogs about branding and sales enablement. Web copy, SEO optimized content and presenting work to clients with conviction are also within my wheelhouse.


Although I could continue to ramble about my love of writing, you can check out my resume for the highlights. 


Or we can also meet up for bagels - if you get there first, you’ll know what to order for me.

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